Fresh Start is a project run by the Global Shapers Zagreb Hub aiming to help refugees who have been granted asylum in the Republic of Croatia. 

The project has two phases. The first phase aims at facilitating the move of refugees from reception centers into government-owned flats. The project team provides beneficiaries with boxes containing basic essential hygiene, household and food products. The objective is to reach out and provide every person (regardless of age and gender) who has received asylum in Croatia with a “Fresh start” box. Currently, approximately 200 people receive asylum in Croatia every year. The boxes were distributed to approximately the same number of individuals and 60 families as of November 2018.  

The second phase of the project aims to integrate refugees into society, with a focus on children. The Zagreb Hub organized a charity child play named “Puž.” The play was primarily intended for children aged from 3 to 9 years old. All collected ticket revenue was used to purchase needed items for the youngest asylum seekers in Croatia. All actors, technicians and the entire theater staff were volunteers.

The project is ongoing and has been active since August 2017. Through 2019, the hub is continuing with more integration activities for children and adults. 

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