Raoul Schönhof || WEF Global Shaper || Leader Folding@Home Initiative

Who are you and what are you working on?

 I’m quite passionate about AI Systems, and they are a big part of my life. My Ph.D. topic as an engineer discusses how an intelligent system has to work for supporting engineers to design better products. It’s quite a hassle to make sure an intelligent system behaves in the way I want to, but I like the challenge. As a research oriented lawyer, I’m more focused on the impact of AI in the domain of civil law. Can AIs contract with one another? Who is liable for a safe AI which learned with bad data? Questions like these demand a deep knowledge of computer science, philosophy and law, which is why I really enjoy working in this field. I’m in the happy situation to counter-finance these “hobbies” with my work as a consultant, AI consultant of course.

Why did you join the Global Shapers Stuttgart Hub?

I want to help my city to stay innovative. I’ve got the feeling to live in a time, where it’s easy to stand against something, but difficult to stand for something. Call me naive, but change and new technologies should not be considered as a thread first, but as an opportunity for every one of us. I think the pessimists often forget, our whole industry and welfare are founded on some crazy ideas and a good business model in history.

What is your vision for Stuttgart?

My vision of Stuttgart is a city, which is keen to experiment. A city which works together in a little more altruistic manner. A city, where every student who really wants to realize an idea gets support from the best. In a nutshell, an Eldorado of technology.