Philipp is the founding and active Vice-Curator of the Global Shapers Stuttgart Hub

Who are you and what are you working on?

My name is Philipp and I am work as an entrepreneur. My company seeks to improve the way businesses procure B2B services, especially IT Services and Consulting. We work with customers from a broad range of industries, and give thousands of service providers, marketing agencies, and freelancers a level playing field to offer their expertise.

Why did you join the Global Shapers Stuttgart Hub?

I believe in grassroots movements and making an impact from the ground up. The global shapers is an unprecedented platform for young individuals and offers them the resources to have an impact on their community. I want to have on impact on my community, inspire others and create the resources for others who share the ambition of creating local impact.

What is your vision for Stuttgart?

Stuttgart is known as a powerhouse of the established industry. It’s a city at the height of it’s economic potential, but it still looking to find a place in a sustainable global community. My vision for Stuttgart is to lead by example as a diverse, socially conscious and sustainable city, and set the bar high for cities around the world.