Maral Koohestanian ist the founding and active curator of the Global Shapers Stuttgart Hub.

Who are you and what are you working on?

I am Maral, German-Iranian and lived in Lisbon before moving to Stuttgart quite a while ago. I am working at Fraunhofer IAO, managing the Morgenstadt Network, an Initiative developing solutions for our future cities.

Why did you join the Global Shapers Stuttgart Hub?

These days, weeks and months are once again showing the urge for change. It’s now on our generation to act and to push towards a sustainable society. The global shapers are a powerful platform for young people with an incredible drive for change to the better – that’s why I got in touch with @Philipp and today we are excited we could found the first Stuttgart hub!

What is your vision for Stuttgart?

Stuttgart already is home to many great projects and initiatives, from the automotive Industry up to social innovation, it’s broadly covered! I am dreaming of bringing together all the amazing initiatives and then to commonly reaching the goal of a sustainable, climate neutral and inclusive city, in a society that won’t leave anybody behind.