Stuttgarter Einkaufsfreunde – 130 volunteers after 3 weeks!

Three weeks ago, we saw a picture on Instagram of a flyer someone in Vienna passed around for their neighbors offering to help them grocery shopping, in case they belong to a Corona risk group. We immediately thought, that Stuttgart should embrace this spirit of solidarity. Not everyone may have awesome neighbors, so lets create a platform with extended reach.

We support everyone, who has difficulties or should not go grocery shopping or perform similar chores during the ongoing corona crisis. This applies particularly to:

  • Anyone who is especially hit by the pandemic such as healthcare workers with increased working hours or single parents with kids at home due to closed schools and kindergardens.
  • People in quarantine
  • People who are especially at risk due to age or pre-existing conditions

Only 3 weeks after distributing our first flyer, 130 volunteers have reached out and offered their help and the number is increasing at full speed! Thank you so much to all our volunteers!! We didn’t expect such an overwhelmingg response

If you would like to receive support, or know someone who does, please contact us via or 0176 67137758 (daily from 2 pm – 4 pm).

If you want to offer your help as well or learn more about our project, please visit the project page (German). It would be awesome, if you could spread the word about our initiative. Print this flyer and distribute it in your neighborhood, pharmacies, supermarkets and doctors in Stuttgart. Send us a picture, for social media if you’d like!